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Who are we?

Catapult Business Solutions, is a sales consultancy & market research company helping other video games companies develop their business and market knowledge across the world. We cover all global markets, big and small, but specialise in the Emerging Territories. We are currently working with software publishers, accessory companies, software service companies, distributors and retailers; the common link being their desire to take advantage of the fantastic growth opportunities that exist in International Markets. And sometimes it is the smaller, less well-known ones (where there is less information available) that offer the greatest potential.

We work within both the Digital Gaming sector (such as mobile and online) as well as the 'traditional' games market (consoles and boxed software).

The company is headed by Chris Stanton-Jones, who has worked in the video games business for over 24 years; 14 of which were with Sony PlayStation. When he left Sony, in September 2008, he held the senior position of  Vice President of Distributor (Rest of Europe) Markets.

What do we mean by the "Emerging Markets"?

Boy Playing gamesIn European business circles, it could be defined as the territories outside the traditional 10 or so majors (UK, France, Germany etc). These markets - such as Russia and Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Greece, Turkey and the Balkans - tend to be growing faster and are catching up quickly with the traditionally larger major European ones. Looking further afield, Latin America (Latam) and several Asian territories, such as China and Korea, are where the current spotlight is.